About Us

Photo by Paddy Tutty

Our People

SOS Trees Coalition consists of a board of directors and a loyal membership of people dedicated to preserving the urban forest. We share the common goals of planting and protecting trees, fostering an ethic of environmental stewardship, and promoting volunteer involvement.

We participate in trade shows and work with elected officials, developers and community groups to protect and care for existing trees. We also encourage the addition of new trees to be planted. We speak up when trees are not respected, and sound the alarm bells when needed to ensure that the trees that grace our streets, parks and back yards will continue to be part of our community for many years to come.

The Urban Forest

The term urban forest refers to all publicly and privately owned trees within an urban area including trees planted in backyards, trees planted along roads, parks and recreational areas.

Our Mission

We are committed to protecting the green infrastructure of the urban forest. Yes we did say infrastructure. Many people don't realize that the trees that grow within the city are interconnected networks that provide a much needed ecosystem service to human populations. These benefits include: social, psychological, recreational, economic benefits, as well as carbon sequestration, reduction of the heat island effect, air filtration (pollution reduction), and improved aesthetics.

Through education activities SOS Trees Coalition promotes public understanding and appreciation of the urban forest.