Our Mission


About Us

SOS Trees Coalition is concerned about the health of Saskatchewan's community tree populations, in particular the threat of Dutch Elm Disease, Emerald Ash Borer, Cottony Ash Psyllid and more. Construction projects and vandalism also take a huge toll on our boulevard trees. We undertake public education and action projects designed to involve individual citizens as well as provincial and municipal governments in the active care of community trees.

We are a charitable non-profit organization originally set up in 1992 as SOS Elms Coalition for the concern of Dutch Elm Disease. Our mission has expanded to protect all trees and the issues they face. SOS Elms creates awareness and understanding of trees' health and their contributions to our environment through displays, school programs and community projects. In its advocacy role, SOS Elms acts as a citizen watchdog of government agencies striving for policy change and responsible management of urban forests. With the threat of climate change we must all be aware of how important it is to keep our trees healthy as they will play a prominent role in mitigation for our uncertain future.